CHAMALEO /album/

Recorded in XYZ vila using analog synths and voice, in Prague 2016-2018


Sara Vondraskova makes experimental pop music as Never Sol- lush , intricately layered soundscapes that confront the darkness and perils of our everyday lives. Her music is dynamic in form- sometimes volatile with abrasive beats, more often tender and trepidatious- but its mood is consistently melancholy, haunted even.” (Indie Current)

By using traditional synth sounds the tracks are building their atmosphere very consistently. They are playing with fresh sounding samples, layered dreamy soundscapes and electronic coldness is brightened by mysterious vocals. Never Sol invests much fantasy and the recording requires imagination from the listener as well.” (Headliner

The human condition is earthly and ethereal. It’s a balance that is delicate, intricate and rich. Memories echo in chambers building our identities with epic sweeps of emotion. We change skins and remain the same. Never Sol gently breathes these truths into layers of voice and synthetic instrumentation with thin fingers pulling at the whispy tendrils branching from our pulsing muscular motors. The songs, like the wonderfully surreal collages by Michaela Karásková that accompany the physical album, offer recognizable pieces in a novel construction. With Chameleo, Sára Vondrášková, the Prague-based writer/producer/composer/singer behind this exquisite music, creates a fully conceptualized experience of mortal fervor. A billowing, diaphonos (sic) fabric, backlit by the brightest moon.” (Tom Tom Magazine)

“’CHAMALEO’ gives you plenty of room for interpretations, depending as much on what your ears focus on as on your current state of mind. So each listen might take you into a completely different dream.