east-european synth melancholy

Prague born and raised musician Never Sol creates melancholic songs that are based on layered analog synth soundscapes, dreamy melodies shrouded in tons of reverb with thick yet delicate vocals. Melting in ambient surfaces but cutting deep with distorted and noisy elements . A strong connection to songwriting, intricate chord progressions, synths and voice are the cornerstones of her musical output. At times, her songs veer into David Lynch territory: full-bodied, strong and eerie. Darkly serene, modest and elegantly captivating. Never Sol has recorded her second LP Chamaleo in her cozy attic studio in Prague surrounded by plants and wood, using only hardware synthesizers and vocals.

A billowing, diaphonos (sic) fabric, backlit by the brightest moon. We change skins and remain the same. Never Sol gently breathes these truths into layers of voice and synthetic instrumentation with thin fingers pulling at the whispy tendrils branching from our pulsing muscular motors.’’ (Tom Tom Magazine)